Transform the way you pay with the PayFEX Prepaid Mastercard®.

An alternative way to pay

Having funds available immediately is vital for professionals and businesses with an eye on growth. Reduce the time and money you spend transferring funds around the world to:


Instant funds for payment card holders

With AFEX’s payroll card solutions, your suppliers and employees don’t have to wait for payments to clear. Funds will be available to spend as soon as you distribute them, even when cardholders are on the other side of the world.

A simple, cost-effective payment solution

Distributing funds from your bank account to individual beneficiaries can become expensive as per-payment fees mount up. With the PayFEX Prepaid Mastercard you pay a single fee to load funds to the corporate account, then send funds to cardholders as often as you need to with no additional charge.

Real-time notifications

Use PayFEX’s responsive online portal to set up automated SMS alerts, so your payment cardholders get instant notification when you transfer funds.