Virtual Mastercard® cards

A fast cost-effective solution designed for online transactions and one off payments.


All the benefits of a prepaid card – without the card

As the e-commerce market grows, so does the demand for secure payment mechanisms. Prepaid virtual cards are a fast, cost-effective solution specifically designed for online transactions, and still offer the control, flexibility and security of traditional prepaid cards

True instant payments

With the PayFEX virtual card solution, cardholders don’t need to pick a card up or wait to receive it in the post. Virtual card payments for online transactions are instantaneous.

A scalable solution for high-volume card issuance

Virtual cards can drastically reduce the number of physical cards you need to issue. Save physical cards for business trips, and use virtual cards for online-only purchases and one-off payments.

An extra level of security

Because each virtual card has a unique, transaction-specific identifier, you get the benefit of secure, highly traceable payments – and no need for invoices.

Ideal for travel agents

For agents, virtual cards offer unparalleled confidence and security, and can eliminate the per-transaction fees charged by some airlines.